Boulder Decking Custom Deck is one of Boulder Decking’s specialty. We know that every client is unique and has different concerns. If you have a specific design in mind, please do not hesitate to tell that to our craftsmen. We are here to guide you in every step of the way in building your dream deck. Our specialist will assist you from planning your custom deck, choosing what design is suitable for your house, and will guide you in choosing the right material in building your deck.

Deck can be a great addition to any home. It can expand your outdoor living space and lets you enjoy some fresh air outside. It is also aesthetically pleasing and can add monetary value to any home when built well. We at Boulder Decking strives to be the #1 deck builder in Boulder County and we love to share our passion by building your custom-built deck.

From residential properties to commercial spaces, Boulder Decking can help you build your deck. Having a custom-built deck will surely make your outdoor experience more enjoyable and inviting.

Depending on your chosen design and material, Boulder Decking custom-built deck will surely last you a long time. We only offer high quality and durable materials from our trusted brands.

Here are some points you can consider on why you need to have a deck to your home:

Custom-built deck from Boulder Decking adds aesthetic appeal to your home’s exterior
Deck materials come in different colors and finishes. Our team will help you choose which material to use – from natural wood to composite finish, Boulder Decking will make sure that your deck adds aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home.

Boosts the value of your home
If you are looking for a way to increase the monetary value of your home, adding a well-built custom deck from Boulder Decking will do just that. Some experts mentioned that adding a deck can boost the value of your home compared if you were to add another bathroom or living room.

Expand your outdoor living space
Love hosting a party? Having a deck is a great place to host any kind of gathering – summer parties or family get-togethers. Boulder Decking aims to provide you a comfortable outdoor space while enjoying the warm weather and fresh air. Great place for the family to enjoy special days together.