boulder decking patio covers

Boulder Decking Patio Covers is a deck builder contractor in Boulder, Co. One of our specialties is building custom patio covers. Building a covered patio can add value to your property.

We listed some of the benefits of this type of home upgrade:

Outdoor furnishings last longer

We know that outdoor patio furniture is built for outside use but constant exposure to different elements can wear them out faster. Placing them in a covered space will help your furnishings last longer, helping you to save money and future headaches.

At Boulder Decking – we will give you a free on-site quotation. We believe that it is important that we see your site personally. By doing this, we can advise you what is the best material to use and design to follow. 

Patio Covers increases property value

Some experts say that the top features homebuyers look for in a house is a patio – especially a covered one. Investing in Boulder Decking patio covers can help you increase your selling point should you decide to sell your home someday.

More outdoor living space

Having a custom-built deck with covered patio will highly increase your outdoor living space at any time of the year. You don’t have to worry about rain or snow and can still rest, play and party outside. Getting every inch of your money’s worth!

Before construction begins on your new covered patio, there are a few things that you must consider first. 

Should the roof be open-air or solid? Open-air roofing provides more sunlight and makes the space brighter, but it also subjects you to last-minute rain showers that can ruin family staycations, barbecues, and parties. Glass roofing might be a good option because it is a solid cover that doesn’t block sunlight.

What type of material should you use for the roof? Wood is more rustic and blends with nature. However, metal is weather resistant and more durable over time. Also, it doesn’t require as much maintenance as a wood covering.